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Founded in 1996, The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham Cambodia) supports, advocates and promotes forward-looking Public and Private Sector collaborations that contribute to the regional and global advancement of the Cambodian business environment, professional development and technological innovation in the overall achievement of meaningful, diversified economic growth.

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Sereyviriya CHEAN

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The debt ceiling debate accelerates with President Biden inviting top four Congressional leaders for a discussion. However, White House maintains there can be no negotiation over increasing the debt ceiling, even as some Democrats begin to voice concern over the strategy. There is new urgency following a notice from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin that the debt ceiling will need to be increased as soon as June 1st.

In Singapore, the IPEF negotiators meet this week, and then head to Detroit at the end of the month for a trade ministerial.

So much to discuss with Kellie Meiman Hock Loren Monroe Jonathan Mantz moderated by AAP Chair Steven Okun.

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