Founded in 1996, The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham Cambodia) supports, advocates and promotes forward-looking Public and Private Sector collaborations that contribute to the regional and global advancement of the Cambodian business environment, professional development and technological innovation in the overall achievement of meaningful, diversified economic growth.

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    12 months
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    Designed for people in our community with an interest in participating in AmCham Cambodia events, but do not belong to an organization, or are retired, or between jobs. If this is your situation – then AmCham still welcomes your participation. Individual members have access to participate in all AmCham events and are welcomed as all other members. This membership level does not include the opportunity to vote on AmCham's charter, Board of Governors elections, and other voting circumstances. Please see below to ensure that you truly are eligible for this membership prior to applying.

    AmCham Cambodia Charter, Section 7.4, an "Individual Member" is defined;

    "7.4. Individual Member – Regular

    1. An Individual Member – Regular is any individual person who is a U.S. citizen or U.S. legal resident, at least 18 years of age, who does not qualify as a Company Member or SME Member.  
    2. An Individual Member – Regular shall not be entitled to vote on any matter or issue presented to the Members of AmCham for a vote
    3. The Board may determine any additional criteria required to be granted membership as an Individual Member – Regular. 
    4. The Board may waive the requirements for Individual Member - Regular for any Member who is of this category at the time this Charter is adopted."

    Per these criteria and in keeping with the responsibility of the Board of Governors to ensure due diligence, in the interest of maintaining the good community standing and integrity of AmCham as an organization, the Board of Governors does hereby require all individuals to submit the following information:

    • Personal Documents
    • Copy of valid US passport
    • Copy of valid Cambodia work visa
    • CV or Resume listing: 
    • All work experience for the past 10 years
    • All relevant education and professional certifications
    • At least 2 references that can speak to the character of the applicant
    • Professional Certifications
    • Copy of Bar as applicable
    • Copy of medical license as applicable
    • Copy of PhD as applicable
    • Copy of any other professional certification claimed in the possession of applicant
    • Former US Military Personnel
    • Must provide a copy of the DD214
    • Failure to disclose prior military service will be grounds for termination of membership without refund.
    • Disclosure of any outstanding criminal or civil legal proceedings against the individual (excluding family related matters).
    • A background check will be conducted by AmCham Cambodia at our expense.

    Please note; individual Memberships are intended for individuals who wish to join AmCham Cambodia for purely social purposes who do not intend to represent businesses. Examples would be retired persons, persons living in Cambodia but conducting business elsewhere, academic researchers or students. Persons owning or working for businesses in Cambodia should apply for corporate membership. The Board of Governors reserves full rights to deny any individual applicant membership.